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The board in a housing association is responsible for the finances and the health of the property.

The board represents the associations members and are able to make decisions in many of the association’s questions.

It’s important to keep in mind that the board has duty of professional secrecy and the board protocols are not public documents. A board must work according to the principle of equality and they must avoid conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest arises if a board member is responsible for an agreement between itself and the association.

Conveyance Agreements / Transition
  • The original documents of conveyance agreements and membership applications are always sent to FRUBO AB from the broker.
  • A copy of estate inventory, estate division and deed of gift will be sent to FRUBO AB. 

When the documents have reached us they are reviewed and forwarded to the board for a decision. 
Two board members must always sign the membership application and all decisions must be entered in a protocol.

The documents are returned to FRUBO and we register the conveyance/transition in the apartment registration.

Mortgage documents, the members’ loan documents

All mortgage documents are sent immediately to FRUBO without action from the board as FRUBO has power of attorney to sign them.

All delisting/cancellations of repaid loans are sent immediately to us for registration.

Updating of board composition

When the composition of the board changes this information shall be submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The change is registered via

Updating of contact person

If the board changes contact person to FRUBO, please contact us so we can update our systems.

Contact list
Change of attestants
Expense report
Board fees
Deed of gift
Membership application