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Frubo AB

FRUBO AB is a property management company that offers cooperative housing associations total financial management, adapted to the client’s needs.
We guarantee quality, flexibility and a high level of service.

FRUBO AB is a family-owned property management company with a focus on cooperative housing, in Linköping since 1992. Experience with financial management in the company dates back to 1976.

We manage close to 190 external cooperative housing associations all over Sweden. The size of the associations varies from smaller associations of four apartments to large associations with up to 250 apartments.

With our long experience in management we have a close collaboration with auditors, banks, attorneys and suppliers, which make the financial work in the association easier.

We offer cooperative housing associations and property owners management with a sense for quality and flexibility, wherever in Sweden the clients are located. The majority of our housing associations are in Stockholm and Linköping. We have had many of our clients since they once were reformed and FRUBO AB was founded.

We sherish a good contact with our clients and are happy to share our knowledge through meetings and courses that are arranged by us.

We stand for Ambition, Ability and Willingness to do things a little better!

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